Homeownership trend: buying with a friend

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Homeownership trend: buying with a friend

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An interesting new homebuying trend emerging among millennials is home purchases that are completed with a friend. It's a creative solution to the housing market given tough qualifying rules and high prices. Pooling your resources is a great way to take you from the fringes of homeownership to landing what you really want and getting a start on wealth building.

Here are a few of the things you'll want to talk about before you get started:

Detached, condo or something else? How many bedrooms/bathrooms and what amenities do you both want? Are you the fixer-upper types or do you want move-in ready?

What can you both afford? Remember to factor in closing costs including lawyer's fees. Put a budget together that includes property taxes, any condo fees, heat and hydro, internet, cable, anticipated maintenance costs, and household expenses.

Next, talk about how co-ownership will work, and consider getting legal advice and a legal agreement outlining roles and responsibilities, including:

Today many young millennials are getting their money working for them early through property partnerships with friends. A little pre-planning and you could be hosting your joint housewarming party!

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