No Bank of Canada Rate Change!


No Bank of Canada Rate Change!

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The Bank of Canada is keeping its key interest rate target on hold at 0.25 per cent, saying economic conditions still require it even if things are going better than anticipated.

In a statement, the central bank says it expects economic growth in the first quarter of 2021 to be positive, as opposed to its previous forecast in January for a contraction to start the year.

The bank's senior decision-makers say resilience in the economy has to do with consumers and businesses adapting to new rounds of lockdowns and restrictions.

It is maintaining the benchmark rate, noting that our recovery is better than anticipated but that economic slack and uncertainty remain, particularly given the rise of more transmissible variants of COVID-19. The Bank has determined that the recovery continues to require extraordinary monetary policy support, and they will continue with quantitative easy until the recovery is well underway. The Bank did not comment on when they believe the economy will have recovered enough to raise rates. 

The next rate-setting day is April 21st, 2021.

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